Trabajo fotográfico de Filip Dujardin

Arquitecturas entre lo real y lo imaginario:

“Three aspects of Dujardin’s work touched me so much.
First, considering the physical aspect of his architectures, he stresses a peculiar mark of the postmodern architecture, that concerns on the assemble of architectural fragments, developping architectures with no function
Then, if we consider the conceptual meaning of his work, Dujardin’s work often criticizes the modern architecture, that is made of standardized elements, by designing buildings made of different and customized elements.
At last, if we consider his work as a strategical project, he utterly achieved his expressive aims: his structures with their abnormal elements appear real.
This is probably the aspect of Dujardin’s photos I like most: the power of being perfectly suspended between real and unreal. Rather, among true, false and ostensible.” Francesco Franci ( via @notcot


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