The only thing you need to know is what you wish for

As I introduce myself into this blog, my first so far, but somewhere we have start by, right? This blog will carry my stories, little pieces of my memories that have been waiting to get out and thanks to a friend, who I love and gave me an idea to write a book with them, will now get a chance to be shared with you.

I think the best way to start is to tell a little bit about myself. My name is Mariana, it comes from the virgin Mary and my grandmother’s name Ana María. Many people tell me I’m the image of my mom, some used to say I was the vivid portrait of my grandma, all I really know is that I have my father’s feet, hands, and this weird feeling (not shared by my mother) of walking fast when I’m in a mall looking at stores. Of my mom I share her attitude, her hair, and just every measure in my body, which is exceptionally great due to her great sense of style and a closet full of clothes. If there’s one thing that I love for sure those are my cousins, the ones that played with me at young age, making “houses” using my grandma’s sheets and covers and laying them all over the patio and acting as if we were normal grown up people, maybe the part that I loved the most was when everyone started to leave and my mom would shout at me to pick everything up while my grandma would be making signs behind her back for me to just leave it as it was, there would always be a closet full of clean sheets for us to play with. I also remember when my cousins and I dug out what was left of a gigantic root, considering we were all just kids and how difficult it had been for my grandfather to do it himself, none of the adults worried, hours later we had filled the hole with water and were enjoying it as if it was a pool; five kids drenched and covered by a brownish color, no human expression can be compared to that which our mothers had on their faces when they saw us.

Lately I’ve noticed the relation things have with the reaction they cause on my mom, y mi predilección por aquellas que usualmente no le caerían muy bien o que probablemente como ella dice, le dan un susto y no la dejan dormir tranquila y que quizás algún día le den un ataque al corazón ¡Dios no quiera! Éstas serán las cosas que aquí contaré.
As you might have noticed there will be parts that I may write in English and others in Spanish, you, the reader must not jump these, that way I might be able to take a smile from your face even from so far away.

Mariana M.